Connecticut Property and Zoning Rights… Taken To The Gallows ? – Fairfield Rally

Alexis Harrison MC’s Fairfield Rally / Photo by Erik Ephrim

Fairfield Connecticut: The fight for the preservation of local control of zoning for land and property rights (guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution) continues as Connecticut Democrat’s renewed their efforts to use racism as tool to pry open the armor of Constitutionally protected rights. The Democrats would steal local control of land and property by systematically shifting power of planning and zoning to Hartford. Senator Tony Hwang, West Haven Zoning and Planning Manager Steven Mullins, Fairfield’s First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick, State Reps. Kimberly Fiorello, Laura Devlin and activist Patrick Sasser all spoke at the rally to help educate Connecticut residents on the genuine threat to towns and individuals which would allow total state control over land and personal property.

Senator Tony Hwang expressed this sentiment in his speech.  Pointing to the house of Roger Sherman down the street, who was one of the nation’s founders,  Senator Hwang emphasized language on the house’s plaque which puts front and center the importance of local control.  He added that he recognizes there are many housing issues to address with respect to minorities and that we have made significant progress because of local control.  State Representative Laura Devlin, who spoke, also pointed out, that most of the supposed “beneficiaries” of SB1024 would be renters.  Also, the bill does nothing to address home ownership which further points up the fact that this bill is real estate developers.

This latest overreach spearheaded by Connecticut government employee Sara C. Bronin (formerly Galvan) under the emotionally charged rubric of “racism”, “diversity”, “white privilege”, “Inclusivity”, and a number of different words peppered with contentious overtones. This language amounts to little more than gaslighting. It’s so obvious Ray Charles could see it and he is both blind and dead. The words used are designed to make one question their own sincerity, individuality, reason and conscience and even morality; casting aspersions about your own character. You know the things you’re supposed to learn in Temple or Sunday School on how to love your neighbor as yourself. Apparently Bronin and her ilk have decided that the State will supplement that morality for you. Something on the order of “god complex” comes to mind.

CT. Gen. Assy. Senator Tony Hwang Speaks at Fairfield Zoning Rally | Photo by Erik Ephrim

Bronin’s approach to activism, as outlined and presented in, uses marketing language designed to make the endeavor look ambitious, attractive, progressive and “exciting”. Clearly they’ve thought this through and it appears no expense was spared to package this quest for more Communism *cough* “diversity”. And who doesn’t like shiny new buildings and roads with nice little foot paths coupled with a price tag to make your eyes water? Bronin touts this idea that these new building projects will “decrease” our carbon footprint which is laughable on its face.

When tracing back all the carbon-intensive inputs required to make each piece for construction, the total amount can come as a surprise.  Perhaps she didn’t consider the amount of CO2 emissions from the production of materials needed to build said housing nor all of the heavy equipment that will be producing the C02 emissions for the amount of time needed to complete the projects. Nor the traffic jams and the burden the project would place on the local communities. she doesn’t live here, so why should she care.  Remember too the increase in utility, septic, parks and recreation usage for the area presumably when the project is finished.

West Haven Planning & Zoning Steven R. Mullins Speaks at Fairfield rally | Photo by Erik Ephrim

Connecticut Democrats are claiming you must be a “racist” if you desire the freedom to have choice.   Not only do Democrats think freedom of choice is racist, but worse than that, you, the tax paying peasant would make choices that cancel out the “wonderful benefits” the Democrats would bestow on you by giving them control from Hartford. The Bible says a tree is known by its fruit.   The fruits of the Democrat tree are the declining and mismanaged cities in the state. How many more social experiments do the Democrats need before realizing that molding human behavior in a manner that has decade after decade turned cities, communities and states into barren wastelands?  State Representative Laura Devlin also pointed out that SB1024 is an assault on the suburbs, and does nothing to address urban housing issues. 

First Selectwoman, Fairfield CT. Brenda L. Kupchick | Photo by Erik Ephrim

Connecticut State Rep.Kimberly Fiorello Photo by Erik Ephrim

How many representatives have bothered to look at the current socio-economic states of New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, New London, Stratford, Derby, Waterbury ? Can you say; “THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES” ? Because that’s exactly the fate that will befall the rest of Fairfield County unless this charade of social engineering under the flaccid guise of “diversity” is exposed for exactly what it is. They’re quite literally going out of their way to ignore the abject failures these cities have become, so instead of improving those cities and communities they’re coming after the people that actually pay most of the states income taxes. This is kind of like a person that accumulates 60 years worth of junk they never use in their house and decide that instead of cleaning up the mess they build an addition to accumulate … yes, more more stuff.

The only way Democrats seem to be able to think they can improve life for some is to steal from others. No don’t bother looking at the places they’ve already destroyed, just think about how wonderful life is going to be by guilting people into another imposition that will inevitably chase the remaining bread winners out of the state. You know like Mayor Deblasio did in NYC last year? It’s really baffling that so many politicians believe that the only way to create revenue is to just keep writing blank checks. Qui bono ? Well certainly not you. That’s bad for business. The people who REALLY benefit from this are the contractors and developers and yes, your Government and its politicians. Gee willikers Batman, don’t like it ? Well, you have two choices. You can either leave or stay and fight. Just remember, cannibals eat their own.

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the Democrats would appear to have enough asphalt to build a 12 lane highway including rest stops, tolls, bridges and weigh stations, oh yes, tolls, because they can’t have you getting into Hell for free that just wouldn’t be fair.

If looking at all of the Connecticut cities that have been turned into shambled wastelands at the hands of Democrat policies haven’t given you a clue how these things always end, well then you haven’t been paying attention for the last 60 years and you’re a bit late to the party. Word is Bronin will be serving hors d’oeuvres promptly at noon. If you didn’t receive an invitation it’s probably because it got tossed into a dumpster behind some mailing station.

State Rep Patrick Sasser | Photo by Erik Ephrim
VIDEO: Full Rally w/ Speakers.

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